The Dometic CRE series includes the patented Dometic invention where the freezer compartment can simply be pulled out to make room for a larger fridge or freezer. The desired temperature is set on the soft-touch control panel which is mounted flush in the inner wall and elegantly integrates an LED light. The system regulates the compressor speed therefore achieving energy savings of up to 25%.

The Dometic CRE 50 offers 45l of cool storage and an optional 4.4 l of freezer space. Providing a 3-in-1 solution, you can choose between having: a fridge, freezer or both at the same time. The Dometic CRE50 compressor fridge is not your typical camper fridge. It incorporates an innovative removable freezer, so it’s easy to remove the freezer and use it just as a fridge. With 3-speed compressor system adjustments against required cooling demand, this twin function refrigerator makes sure your food stays fresh in both its freezing compartment and the fridge climate controlled section. This 3-speed compressor system will ensure that your four different temperature settings are just right – its ambient temperature driven fan for minimization of noise means no unexpected surprises, either.

This has all the same components as the popular Dometic CRX50 but the outside is made of slightly cheaper materials allowing the overall cost of the fridge to be cheaper.

This CRE50 still has a removable freezer compartment, as well as a touch LED thermostat, variable speed compressor, boost mode and ventilation mode.

If you do want to run it on 240V then you will need a Dometic MPS35 which is listed below.


The compressor in the Dometic CRE50 fridge from has enhanced temperature control and compressor speed control to achieve energy savings of up to 25%, making it one of the most energy efficient campervan fridges on the market in the U.K. If you are relying upon your battery this will ensure prolonged runtime from your leisure batteries.


Patented removable freezer concept; 2-in-1 refrigerator; Fridge only; Fridge/Freezer
3-speed compressor system adjusts level against the required cooling demand
Décor Panel exchangeable
Ambient temperature driven fan for minimization of noise
Bright LED user interface for best illumination with IR sensor
Power On / Power Off button
4 different settings of temperature
Diagnostic LED for fast failure detection
1-stage battery protection
Drainage plug at the bottom
Hull-cut at 50 and 65 litre version for optimized installation at boats
Robust new handle design (hinges changeable left and right side)
Air Ventilation System
Water Drainage at the bottom side to the outside
Pre-Defined mounting holes from the inside for best fixation to the furniture


Storage volume: approx. 45.6 litres,
Freezer compartment: approx 4.4 litres
Voltage: 12/24 V DC
Weight: 17 kg
Dimensions (D x H x W): 500 mm x 534 mm x 380 mm

Please note: The CRE range is not compatible with the Dometic MPS Mains Adaptors.